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Falzone CD Launch Party to Raise Funds for Ewart Family
Singer/songwriter Vince Falzone of Santa Clarita casts a wider ’Net with new ‘Out of Time’ album.

Stephen K. Peeples / Signal Staff Writer

Popular Santa Clarita-based pop/rock singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer Vince Falzone is hosting a party and concert starting 8 p.m. Saturday at the 300-seat Canyon Theatre Guild in Newhall, with a dual purpose.
    One is to celebrate the official release of “Out of Time,” his seventh complete album of original material, the final version of the work in progress he released last summer as an EP. Falzone and his three-piece backing band — Allan Christen (bass), Mike Spenser (drums) and Bob Spears (lead guitar) — will perform several of the album’s songs, plus a few favorites from his previous albums.
    The other purpose is to help raise funds for another local musician — classical violinist and in-demand film/television/record session ace David Ewart, who along with five members of his family were injured by intense radiant heat from a blaze that gutted their Valencia home Dec. 20.
    “This is my seventh album, and I felt it’s time to make something happen with my music,” Falzone said, explaining the “Out of Time” title. “This was the hardest album for me to complete, since I made a real effort to change my style and write better material. I wanted each song to stand independent of all the others. Working with other musicians and producers (including Grammy-winner Pete Orta) helped me do a better job on my material.”
    The new album’s already off to a strong start on Internet radio. Songs from the new album and a couple chestnuts from Falzone’s catalog are currently streaming on almost 150 Internet radio stations worldwide. The list of countries includes Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belguim, Australia, France, Russia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Greece and The Netherlands.
    In the United Kingdom, where four different stations are airing “Out of Time” tracks, Falzone’s sales are heating up. “I just had an order for 200 CDs to be shipped to London, which I’m very excited about,” he said.
    “The radio play has driven the traffic to our Web site,, up to more than 20,000 hits per month,” said Lily Qian-Falzone, Falzone’s wife and chief marketeer, who added their site had a record 23,000 hits in January.
    Santa Clarita Web radio station Radio Buzzed will be recording Saturday night’s event, then posting it for streaming at
    “I have my material ready for digital distribution and it will be available for purchase on MSN Music, iTunes, Yahoo Music, MOG, Virgin Digital, Sony Connect and many other sites that allow single-song purchase,” Falzone said. “So right now, my main focus is on getting my material heard, and targeting colleges in California and Arizona for performance dates.”
    Falzone’s “Out of Time” is also available locally at Barnes & Noble in Valencia, in the music department’s pop/rock section.
    David Ewart, 48, suffered radiant heat burns over 43 percent of his body in the Dec. 20 house fire, the cause of which remains undetermined. His 81-year-old father, Hugh, had burns on 15 percent of his body. Fifteen-year-old son Michael, a student at Hart High, suffered burns over half his body. They’re all healing well now; Ewart and his son are receiving physical therapy designed, over the next several months, to help them recover almost completely.
    But the family’s medical bills have topped a staggering $7 million.
    Saturday night at the CTG, half the proceeds from the door, half of lobby sales of Falzone’s CDs and whatever additional funds concert-goers wish to donate will all go into the Ewart Family Catastrophe Fund. Ewart friends and supporters created the non-profit charitable organization as a clearinghouse for contributions to help defray the family’s medical costs and help them rebuild their lives.
    Among everything else, the Ewart family lost all their photographic memories, school projects, art pieces, music collections and musical instruments. Ewart’s primary violin, made in Naples by Italian Jannarius Gaglianus in 1765 and worth nearly half a million dollars, was reduced to ash. This was the instrument Ewart used to play at the Hollywood Bowl as a member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and most recently played as a member of the New West Symphony.
    “Being a musician, I really feel the personal loss David is going through, and I want to show my support,” Falzone said. “I find it find it hard to fathom losing all of my equipment and instruments. The Ewart fund- raising team were very receptive to accept our offer to help, and after meeting David I really want to make this a successful event to help his family.”
    Ticket prices for the CTG show are $12, which includes Falzone’s full set plus coffee and pizza donated by sponsors Starbucks and Primo Pizza. There will also be raffle drawings for valuable donated items. The event may not raise as much money as comedian Jay Leno’s March 23 performance at Hart High will to aid the Ewarts as well as local young leukemia victim Ryan Baker, “but it all adds up,” Falzone said.
    “I’m totally touched by this,” Ewart said two days before Falzone’s CTG show. “It’s one thing when a colleague or someone you know gives you a benefit, but Vince was someone I didn’t even know, and I thought that was pretty cool. The whole thing was very sweet and very touching.”
    Ewart and Falzone met for the first time at a recent lunch to talk about the CTG gig. “When I was Vince’s age or younger, I played coffee houses, too,” Ewart said. “We’re from different generations, but we both love music so we have a lot in common. It turns out that he wants me to play with him, too. He’s doing his own original material, and to the extent I can add a little string sound to the mix in the background, that’s what I’d like to do. I don’t want to be featured.”
    Ewart said he was very pleased with the pace of his physical recovery. “I’m very encouraged. I’ve been playing again this week and feeling hopeful to be playing with an orchestra again in a few more weeks.”
    It’s going to take a bit longer to rebuild their house, and who knows how much longer to pay off those astronomical medical costs.
    “It is kind of surreal — $7 million — but I think it will all work out,” Ewart said.
    “I’m more concerned right now with where should I be each day and what my mission for that day will be,” he continued. “My greatest hope is that people will see God’s hand working with my life and those of my family, and how the community has been supporting us. This is not something you would want to go through alone, and we are not alone. There are so many people helping and praying for us. I’m not as independent as I was before the accident, but those things are covered, I have a long list of would-be chauffeurs and cooks and people to help me in ways I can’t yet help myself, and that’s great.”
    Things are going right, Ewart added. “The good in people — that’s what keeps me alive, not worrying about the massive bills and the house rebuild. Not having a house doesn’t keep me from living a full life.”
    To purchase tickets for Saturday night’s benefit concert, call 803-5594 or e-mail Find the Canyon Theater Guild at 24242 San Fernando Road in Newhall. For more info about Falzone and his catalog, visit For more info about the Ewarts, visit

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