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"Guitar Lessons: Jammin with Vince Falzone"
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Actor Musician Vince Falzone does it all:  writing, arranging, singing, instrumentation and producing, this BMI & SAG-AFTRA affiliated artist creates music that lasts in listener's minds.  Since the release of his debut album Who's That in 1993, Vince has released ten albums to date with sales sold worldwide (Australia, Denmark, Europe, France, Japan, in addition to United States), and is currently working on his 11th project Cypher.

Influenced by the songwriting style of Paul McCartney and Sting, and growing up listening to groups like Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Van Halen, Vince developed his own unique style of music.  He combines spare, offbeat rock hooks with melodic pop melody, bringing audiences an enjoyable refreshing musical experience.

Growing up in South Florida, Vince began playing guitar during seventh grade after his father taught him some basic chords.  From then on Vince was self-taught.  He had a natural ability to play by ear and became involved in performing at various in and out of school events.  At sixteen he bought a keyboard and began writing his own material and started piano and vocal training.  He then continued his education, earned a degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE).  This enabled him to build and perfect his production and recording studio Ariey Production.  Vince has self produced ten albums in the past and recently, worked with Grammy Award Winner Pete Orta to produce Time In A Jar (Out of Time – Project).

Following his dream of musical success, Vince moved to Los Angeles, California in 1995.  Since then, he has performed live at various local events, received multiple print media coverage, local radio interviews and airplay on over 1300 stations worldwide.

Since 1995, he has produced a weekly half hour musical TV show for the local cable station (Los Angeles Public Access www.scvtv.com), watched by many loyal fans (Studio Recording and Guitar Playing with Vince Falzone).

Vince airs his songs locally in Los Angeles on CalArts FM105.3, Radio Buzzed and SCV Music. Vince’s music CD’s are available for purchase directly to his fans through this website and digitally on iTunes, Amazon, emusic, Google and many more digital download sites.

Since 2003, Vince has been performing live at various venues and events in Europe and Southern California. For more information on Vince’s music, CDs and performance updates, check out www.MusicbyVince.com.

- Summer 2013

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